Strawberry picking at Cattows Farm

In our house we love Strawberries, in fact with a vocabulary of 5 words Izzie had already had our first argument over whether the Strawberries were finished or she was having more. It went something like this; Izzie finished her Strawberries and shouted “more”, I said “no, Strawberries are finished”, Izzie tried to steal the […]

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Dippy on Tour Birmingham

I struggle with what to do on Fathers Day, Simon didn’t do Mother’s Day or Fathers Day (before we were parents) and sees them as a commercial money stealing enterprise. Despite this he tries to make Mother’s Day lovely for me so I wanted Fathers Day to be the same for him and part of […]

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Heatwaves babies and toddlers

Its been ages since I posted, I’ve just not had the chance to sit down a write (if I wanted some sleep too) between Simons work pattern and trying to adjust to Logan and Isabella’s changing sleeping habits life has been more than a little crazy. But things are (hopefully) starting to settle so I’m […]

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