My three year old needed a filling

Ok so I’m writing this a few weeks after the event as at the time I was really emotional about it and needed time to process, but I actually felt it was really important to share. I like a lot of people have anxiety around visiting the dentist, I didn’t have great experiences as a child and now every so often despite good dental health now the dentist finds a problem with old work that requires a fix. But I have a good dentist and both of my children have been seeing the dentist since they got their first teeth so that it would be something they became used to in case they did need treatment. I guess it was lucky I did as at just three and a half Logan now has a filling in an upper molar.

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As far as tooth care went we followed all the guidelines, very limited sweets, fruit as part of meals rather than snacks most of the time, no juice in bottles, no drinks taken to bed, in fact Logan only has milk or water at home unless its with breakfast or dinner as I know he’s brushing his teeth soon afterwards.

Logan was usually happy to have his teeth brushed and then brush by himself afterwards, but he did put up some resistance to having his back teeth brushed for a while. This could possibly be the cause, there could have just been a weakness in that tooth, the fact that fluoride is not added to the water supply in Leicestershire; we will never know. We started the battle against Logans tooth decay just before he turned three when the dentist noticed discolouration of one tooth, we switched to an electric toothbrush which made brushing his back teeth easier and returned in three months. This time the dentist was happy no further decay had occurred but gave Logans teeth a fluoride coating treatment (offered as standard at Three) and said we could go back to six monthly check ups.

Unfortunately we were too late to prevent treatment being necessary as just before the six month point Logan began complaining of toothache. When I looked closely at the tooth I could see it was worse so I called the dentists and we were booked in for the next day. At this point I was terrified Logan would need an extraction, general anaesthetic, hospital etc and the dentist said that extraction was an option but he would like to try to save the tooth as this would be less traumatic for Logan as he could do it without an injection. He booked us in again the next day.

On the day of the filling I was still nervous, I took Izzie in the pushchair so I could focus on Logan. Logan wanted to sit on my knee and that was fine, the dentist gave the tooth a quick clean and applied what would be classed as a temporary filling on an adult cured with a UV light then topped up the fluoride treatment. We have to go back in three months, it might need redoing at some point, but the hope is this will allow Logan to keep the tooth.

Why did I choose to write this? I wanted to share the emotions, the anxiety I felt and the fact that despite doing it all right I cycled through feelings of guilt and shame that this was happening to my little boy. I wanted to share how easy the actual experience of going was too, how well the dentist cared for Logan and the fact it wasn’t in any way traumatic for him. I wanted to share this in the hope it would help someone else going through the same or similar to hopefully feel better or to get their little one to the dentist if they have been avoiding it out of their own fear.

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