Zimplikids Product Review

As you will have seen from my post on finding time to play I’ve really been enjoying setting up little invitations to play for Logan and Izzie and documenting them on our instagram @lifewithloganandizzie and they seem to be enjoying them too. We have continued joining in with the Our Sensory Kids play prompts and enjoyed lots of weather play during March. Next month see’s the start of #oursensoryeaster. One some of the products we have enjoyed using are made by Zimpli Kids so here is a review of some of their products we have used.

The first of the Zimplikids products we used was the Snoball battle pack we have used this one pack for several activities we made a snowman with just one of the 4 packets and some loose parts, we used it to make rainclouds with blue waterbeads as the rain and as the snow in a beautiful winter scene. This product is absolutely great value as it contained enough for four separate activities even without reuse.

We have also played with the Pink Glitter Gelli Baff we used this one in the bath with some stacking cups and a big bucket so no pictures I’m afraid, but the kids loved it. if you’re having trouble getting the kids into the bath i highly recommend this. If on the other hand you’re having trouble getting them out I recommend an earlier bath time when you play with this! The kids really didn’t want to get out so I promised them they could play with some again tomorrow and we saved a couple of buckets to create a pink dinosaur swamp.

The third of the products we have tried is the Purple Glitter Gelli Play, despite this being a really small package it makes up to 10 litres and we used ours to make a spring duck pond with petals from my slightly wilted tulips, number ducks and numbered Lily pads (free printable from twinkl). Both children were really engaged in this because of the sensory experience. They loved running the ducks through the gelli, squishing it, swirling it and of course wanted some cups for scooping. Logan hunted for the right number ducks and matched them to the Lily pads and sorted the ducks into the correct order without any prompting either. True learning through play as he wasn’t being directed. Unfortunately this activity had to come to an end because of dinner but we fished out the ducks, lily pads and petals, covered with another tuff tray and we can play again tomorrow.

Set up. All of the products are simply mixed with water and are ready in a few minutes.

Clean Up!!!! All of the products are biodegradable, they can have extra water added (or extra water and the dissolver packet) and they can be flushed away or poured down the sink. If some does get on the floor outside leave it to the rain to clear it up for you.

I was provided with three sample products from Zimplikids in exchange for my review, however these are my own opinions and I have (and will again) purchase their products with my own money. These may not even be the exact products we we sent as hubby tided up and put them in with our stash (sorry Zimplikids). We still have Green Slime Play, Red Slime Baff and Pink Gelli Baff in our stash and the next product on our list to try is the Gelli Worlds Fantasy Pack as it looks awesome.

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