Finding time to play

So last year I felt a bit like my life was in chaos, I felt like I was constantly chasing my tail with the housework and never seeing any improvement and that I was always telling the Children in a minute when they asked me to play or read. Although not specifically a new year resolution this year I have resolved to be more organised and find more time for play with Logan and Izzie. I know we are only a couple of weeks in but so far its working.

Firstly I’ve got my housework under control by using The Organised Mum Method which I previously posted about here. I then took inspiration from the play prompt #oursensoryrhymes shared by Our Sensory Kids on Instagram and honestly I’m enjoying it and the kids seem happier.

A friend commented the other day about my posts on my instagram account and how she wished she had time to be so creative. I thought about and and I told her it doesn’t take me long. Aside from where I have printed and laminated the dough mats no set up has taken me longer than 5 minutes and the kids have played for longer, more nicely with one another, more independently and we no longer have every toy we own spread across the house.

The part about setting these up is the thought that goes into it. It’s like lesson planning when I was a teacher (although Secondary Science has a few tiny differences).

I ensure its open ended and that its accessible for both Logan and Isabella. I’ve spent a few minutes the day before (or even a couple of days before) thinking about the different ways they could play around the theme and with the materials to make sure theres a few ways to hold their attention.

This planning is what has allowed us to play and for me to get things done. The kids do not need my help to play! 

I’m not saying I don’t play with them but I’m not being yelled at because Logan can’t do his jigsaw, or because he needs me to play a game with him because Izzie is too young to play it. They get on and play while I do something, then I join them and follow their lead. We talk about what they are doing, making, have made and I join in for a bit. I then go make myself a hot cup of tea, actually get to drink it, then play some more because these activities can easily hold their attention for an hour or two. They can also be slightly changed up and repeated the next day or later in the week.

I’ll be continuing to post here and on my instagram about some of our invitations to play so be sure to come back if you’re on the lookout for easy play ideas for the kids.

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