Discovering The Organised Mum method

How do you get the housework done with a toddler who doesn’t nap, or sleep in the evening until you are exhausted and a preschooler who either wants to help with everything! Or wants whatever toy his little sister has at that moment, even if he’s holding another identical one!

I didn’t. I wasn’t getting it done, it was all getting left until Simon was at home and then it was rush rush rush, ruined our family time and was still never really done. Then I discovered The Organised Mum. 

She breaks everything down into manageable blocks so that certain jobs are done daily in a quick 15 minute blitz, others weekly in 30 minute chunks and then on Fridays she has a focus area that rotates over 8 weeks meaning everything gets done regularly. She also shares a fun playlist on spotify and has social media accounts with tips (like doing a loo clean while the kids are in the bath and her dishwasher tablet oven clean), but for me its all about the checklists.


The Organised Mum free Printables are laminated and on my fridge to keep me on track. Click on the image to link to them on her site.

I’m not claiming that I now have a show home where everything gleams and sparkles. Far from it, we doing some major renovation to the house. However it is now tidy, its clean, the washing isn’t piling up and waiting to be put away. We are eating better (slow cooker to the rescue), spending more time playing together and I’m starting to find some decluttering time too.

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