Feeding Izzie in the sling

Quick post as we are busy enjoying our holiday.

I’ve been asked a few times how I do this because it just looks like Izzie is sleeping (and she usually is soon after) so I wanted to share how easy it has been to discreetly feed in the sling while out walking.

I just lengthen the straps a little, get a boob out (under the cover of the sling) and once Izzie is latched on I pull the fabric nice and close around the side so there’s none on show from the side.

Once done I just pop the boob away, lift Izzie back up by supporting her bottom and tighten straps.

If not confident I’d give this a go at home, but now I don’t even have to stop while we are walking to do it because it’s so easy with a buckled sling.

The breastfeeding hoodie is from Stylish mum and you can get a discount using the code stylish10 and the sling is a Mamaruga Zensling perfect for use from newborn through to preschoolers (depending on weight).

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