Stylish Mum Breastfeeding Clothing Review

I used to be a bit negative about breastfeeding specific clothing and with Logan I really didn’t buy any until we neared the end of of breastfeeding journey. I’d found Can I breastfeed in it and I could wear wrap dresses, button front blouses or do one up one down, but with one up one down there was a lot of fabric to manage with jumpers and hoodies in winter and I was ridiculously hot in summer. Now I know I could just wear a vest top and whip a boob out but nursing bras in my size really don’t work with them, they are thick strapped, come up high and are ugly. Plus I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of woman, in summer that changes to cut offs so I invested in some t-shirts and was much more comfy. I’m so glad I did too as comfort became super important as I fell pregnant with Izzie so comfort when feeding Logan became even more important.

The first item I ordered from Stylish mum was the hoodie (and a matching one for Izzie). I previously bought a breastfeeding hoodie from another brand so I was a little wary as the quality was poor (seams came undone and the fabric felt rough). However, I was reassured that the quality would be up to scratch after seeing that stylish mum was a finalist in the Made for Mums awards 2018. It’s clearly well made, the fabric is lovely and soft and there are no fiddly zips which is great when you’ve got a hungry impatient baby, but also for quickly putting a boob away when you have to run after a crazy toddler at the park. Its nice not having to choose between catching a child or maintaining your dignity as they swing from the climbing frame even if your boob is still hanging out of your bra underneath.

They are a lighter weight hoodie, not t-shirt material but not a thick sweatshirt material. I’d wear a vest top underneath during early spring and late autumn/winter, but its nice that its lightweight enough for sitting in a pub beer garden on these summer evenings without a vest underneath in this heatwave. They are a baggy cut, if you want something a little more fitted then size down. You could probably buy your pre pregnancy size and still look great during those early days after having baby. The baby hoodie is also generous in that its quite long. Izzie is big for her age and just turned 1; I turned the sleeves back on hers so we didn’t loose her hands.

My second purchase was the rainbow dress the material is lovely; soft light feeling and stretchy. Its not thin despite feeling quite light and its become my favourite item of clothing to wear at the moment. I’ll definitely still be wearing it in the winter months with some boots as I love a t-shirt dress. Access is again nice and easy, and its subtle (other breastfeeding mums have said they didn’t realise it was a feeding dress). Again I bought the matching top for Izzie but I sized up and went with 18-24 months so that she could wear it as a dress. I think it looks great as a dress now and I’ll pair it with leggings or tights as the weather cools off. I’d say its quite slim fitting as Izzie is mainly wearing 12-18 months and it doesn’t look baggy so I’d reccommed a size up if your baby is particularly chunky.

As well as breastfeeding clothing you can find reusable breastpads and water bottles on the site and some lovely #normalisenormal wristbands.

But even if you don’t need anything you can help normalise breastfeeding by showing a little love for the #normalisenormal campaign by showing some love on facebook and instagram.

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