Parents escape – 6 days away from a breastfed baby!

Some people choose to breastfeed their baby, some don’t its 100% a personal decision. However a lot of mums who choose not to say that it’s so that they can get a break, I choose not to believe that it has to be one or the other. My first night out after giving birth to Logan was when he was 8 weeks old, don’t get me wrong I don’t leave my children to go partying every weekend, but I had a Christmas meal and drinks out with friends while Simon looked after Logan. I now have an evening without Izzie every other week while I attend my tap class, but this July it was our 10th Wedding Anniversary and my mum offered to look after the children so that we could get away together and we took a trip to Cornwall for four nights.

Don’t get me wrong if Izzie was formula fed the trip would have been easier. Book, pack and let mum know the kids routine off you go. But it was still possible with a little preparation. I calculated how much milk Izzie would need (24-32oz day)  several months in advance and started to build up a freezer stash several months in advance so I didn’t need to pump in the weeks immediately before leaving as it would increase my supply. I made sure my pump was packed to take with us (manual and electric) and since I had the facility to store milk I made sure to take storage bags with us.

While away I pumped in the morning, in the afternoon and before bed. Izzie ate food as normal and was offered small amounts of milk throughout the day (mainly in a cup); with larger servings at nap time and bedtime. My mum rocked and cuddled her to sleep just as she has in the past and Simon does when I go out and if woke up in the night she would have some more milk and cuddles. And when I returned home I continued to feed Izzie just as before.

Why have I posted this?

Hopefully someone trying to decide how to feed their baby will read this and won’t rule out breastfeeding because they think they won’t be able to have a break.

Hopefully someone breastfeeding their child will realise that they don’t need to wean their child or switch to formula just because they want/or need to go on a trip without their child or because they are returning to work.

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For anyone interested in what pump I used it was the Medela Swing Double Pump which is what I have been using since I returned to work when Logan was 8 months old and I was having to pump 5 days a week. I had previously used a Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Electric Pump which although perfectly adequate for building a stash it just wasn’t fast enough to fully empty my breasts during my break.

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