Strawberry picking at Cattows Farm

In our house we love Strawberries, in fact with a vocabulary of 5 words Izzie had already had our first argument over whether the Strawberries were finished or she was having more. It went something like this; Izzie finished her Strawberries and shouted “more”, I said “no, Strawberries are finished”, Izzie tried to steal the Strawberries from Logan’s bowl and shouted “no, more”. With this in mind going and picking some Strawberries at Cattows Farm, in Heather, North West Leicestershire seemed like the logical thing to do with our Saturday morning and my brother joined us to spend some time with his Nephew and Niece.

Entry is free so you pay for what you pick, and there are several different fruits to choose from (Strawberries, Raspberries, Gooseberries, Blackcurrants and Redcurrants are all ready to pick at the moment) we choose Strawberries and Raspberries. You can choose plastic punnets or a more eco friendly cardboard box with a metal handle for your picking.

All of the Strawberries are outdoors and at ground level so it’s really child friendly for picking and Logan was actually able to pick his own and unlike some pick your own places I’ve been to in the past there wasn’t a wasp in sight. Logan loved trying to find the ‘Big Red Strawberries’ and our basket filled up quite quickly. We then went via the Sheep who were super friendly and came over to have their heads stroked to collect some Rasberries. These were plentiful and we got a bit carried away (I’ve had to put some in my freezer).

As well as the pick your own there is a lovely picnic area, wooden wigwam and giant sandpit outside. There is also a farm shop (selling jam, chutney, milk, cheese, eggs, cakes and meat), a tea room and toilets. I personally wouldn’t recommend going with a baby in a pushchair to pick the Strawberries if you’re the only adult but with Izzie in the baby carrier it was fine and the Rasberries would have been accessible with a pushchair. We will definitely be back over the summer for more fruit and possibly some sunflowers and to explore some of the surrounding National Forest and then later in the year to pick a Pumpkin.

The Strawberry Fields at Cattows Farm. Photocredit: James Ludlam

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