Heatwaves babies and toddlers

Its been ages since I posted, I’ve just not had the chance to sit down a write (if I wanted some sleep too) between Simons work pattern and trying to adjust to Logan and Isabella’s changing sleeping habits life has been more than a little crazy. But things are (hopefully) starting to settle so I’m back.

Today I thought I’d post about some of the way we cope with the heat in our house as lovely as the sunshine is I know it isn’t always easy with little ones.

Keeping Cool at bedtime

This one is always tricky and depends on your little ones routine and whether you normally blanket, swaddle, sleeping bag or have an toddler with their own quilt. We have Logan in a short all in one. H&M actually do them in organic cotton for up to 3-4 years which is a lifesaver as otherwise he pulls his penis out of his nappy in his sleep and pees everywhere. He still likes to have his quilt despite the heat so he has a fan up high with the cables tucked away and we put a couple of ice packs of a frozen 2l bottle of water in there and it drops the room temperature by a couple of degrees. We also keep his window open and curtains closed during the day.

Izzie is still in with us which is handy as she has upped her night feeds in this heat but also as we can stay aware of the room temperature. At the moment she is sleeping in a bodysuit with a blanket over her legs. Again we are doing the fan and ice blocks but making sure theres no direct cold breeze over her.


Play ideas

We do the standard paddling pool that parents do in the summer but we also do some water and ice activities in the tuff spot. Seashells with a little water, flowers frozen in cups and bowls of water, different coloured ice cubes, sponges and water ………… Logan also loves to water the garden with his little watering can from his gardening set. Also investigate local pools etc, we have an outdoor pool 15 minutes drive from us at Ashby Hood Park and a soft play centre with a ‘beach’ set up outside in summer. Obviously we need to be careful of burning but both allow for keeping cool.



Staying Hydrated

Kids can be a nightmare for this and won’t drink enough so any way of getting liquid in them helps. We do milkshakes for Logan (just milk blended with fruit), homemade ice lollies in our ikea and nuby lolly moulds (fruit puree, fruit and yoghurt, fruit blended with water or milk), jelly and always keep water on the go. Breastfed babies may up their feeds (exclusively breastfed definitely will), I find putting a damp muslin between myself and Izzie helps to keep us both cool during feeds and with her weaning and using the methods above I don’t find she’s actually feeding more in the day. But if they are constantly feeding its normal, it doesn’t mean you aren’t producing enough it just means they need more than they usually do. Stay hydrated (at least 3 litres of liquid a day during this heat), stylish mum has a lovely water bottle (also check out their lovely t-shirts fo staying cool and enjoy the snuggles.


Guidelines have changed with suncream over recent years with it now being suggested that its not worth the extra protection factor 50 provides due to the additional chemicals added so factor 30 it is. My two have a little suncream free time in the sun everyday to ensure their vit D but not enough to burn. My favoured suncream is actually from Aldi, its highly rated, super cheap and you can buy tiny little bottles for preschool or changing bags (I then keep refilling this with the big bottle). Logan is pretty good about having it put on except for top ups, for this I resort to a clear spray on suncream that I don’t have to rub in as I can keep him still for just long enough, and its ideal for Izzie’s little blonde head as she will not keep a hat on so right now she has permanently crazy greasy looking hair, but hey its better than a burned scalp.


Disclaimer – I am part of the amazon affiliate programme and will earn if you purchase through these links, but these are genuine recommendations the other links I have included I will not earn from. But I still wanted to include them for your information .

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