Managing baby naps and a toddler who wants to play

When Isabella was tiny her afternoon nap was actually quite easy, I actually managed to get them to both nap at the same time. Ok Isabella wouldn’t nap in her cot it was on me but I was happy to have a little quiet time, a cup of tea and watch some TV but Logan’s nap is getting later and later and he keeps waking Izzie so I end up with a grumpy toddler being told off for waking her up or a grumpy tired baby or both which definitely means a grumpy mummy, so basically hell on earth from 1pm onwards and mummy just praying for wine o’clock.

This week I think I may have found the solution, we have started to do picnic lunches, we go out for the morning and I take our yumboxes with us ready for lunch, we have a picnic, myself and Logan walk while Isabella either naps in one of our baby carriers or the Mountain Buggy and we are free to explore while Isabella sleeps, then when we get home Logan is ready for his nap so both children are happy. I’m not saying I don’t still look forward to wine o’clock but at least I now pour that wine with a smile on my face again.


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