Switching to Dairy free for baby Izzie!

Izzie is now 9 months old and well into weaning, she we chose to go down the route of baby led weaning and she LOVES her food however unfortunately she has become increasingly sicky over the past couple of months. Izzie was never a sicky baby, so when as weaning progressed and the sickness developed and increased to the point I needed a separate bag of spare outfits and muslins when we went out I started to become a little concerned. Izzie on the other hand was still the same happy baby, only now a pukey, smelly baby who liked to splash and play with her own sick if she got to it before me (or the dogs 🤢).

I considered the idea that it might be a food intolerance as she had been fine pre food and took her to the doctor. The doctor thought this was highly unlikely due to her showing no other symptoms of intolerance and her being previously fine despite being breastfed by a mum who loves cheese and Ben & Jerry’s so we agreed to get her weighed in case she was simply greedy and filling until she spilled and to do a food diary. Because of my suspicion the first thing we eliminated was dairy and within a couple of weeks we saw an improvement.

Switches we made were almond milk, alpro soya yoghurt, oatly cream substitute, violife vegan cheese, ice cream (for mummy) to sorbet, and milk chocolate (again for mummy) to green and blacks dark chocolate with mint. We also got in some Bourbon biscuits, rich tea biscuits, gingernuts and party rings.

The elimination of cheese from my diet definitely had me craving sweet foods instead, it was relatively easy to make the switch for Izzie but for me, OMG it was so hard, I wanted pizza, mac and cheese, ice cream, cheese on toast, Lasagne……. other than ice cream it was definitely all about the cheese!

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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