How to survive a sickness bug with a toddler and a baby.

baby-tears-small-child-sad-47090.jpegHave I mentioned what Simon does for a living? He’s a Heavy Recovery Operator; meaning he deals with lorries, busses etc that have either broken down or been in some form of accident. Part of his role requires him to be on call and on Thursday he had left on a call out at midnight leaving myself at home with a sleeping Logan and a still wide awake Izzie, who I finally got to go to sleep at around  1:15am (I now know that two new teeth were the culprit).

Its 1:30am and I hear the unmistakable sound of Logans door opening and him padding along the landing towards my room. I’m exhausted but I spring from my bed, my only thought is don’t let him wake Izzie.

I pick him up to put him back to bed and he covers me in puke! I manage to get him as far as the bathroom and over the bath before the second wave arrives and he empties the contents of his stomach into the tub. Just then the worst thing possible happens, Izzie wakes up and starts to scream 🤦‍♀️.

I knew there was no way I would be able to settle Izzie so full on survival mode began. After cleaning up myself and Logan to the soundtrack of Izzie sounding like she was being murdered I gathered up the ‘sick kit’.

Here are my tips:

Have a pre prepared sick kit!!!!!!!

  1. Set up a ‘safe zone’ for baby – highchair and playpen set up to keep the baby away from a pukey toddler, you can quickly pop them in as soon as you need to.
  2. Cover the sofa with the mattress protector so that if they are sick on it your sofa is safe and put toddler on sofa with suitable kids tv playlist to keep them there (you can put another one of these on the floor in front if you have carpet but we have laminate flooring). If they are sick on either of these you can just change it, shake the chunks off outside and wash.
  3. Set up sick bin with bag so when they fill it (hopefully they have a good enough aim) you can just chuck out and change the bag.
  4. Put toddler in a disposable nappy. We use cloth ones in our house normally and Logan is in pants or a cloth pull up in the day but if it hits both ends you want to be able to just bin it. I’ll continue this strategy for as long as the pull ups fit him (and when they don’t I’ll probably invest in some Huggies DryNites).
  5. As soon as everyone is settled grab some extra clothing for all of you. Don’t wait until you actually need it!
  6. Keep your child hydrated, but don’t allow them a whole cup of water. Little and often, if they drink the whole cup you’ll get it back.
  7. Be extra vigilant with hygiene – wash and antibacterial gel after each clean up or nappy change, wipe down the changing mat with antibacterial wipes at each change even if it doesn’t appear dirty.
  8. Put soiled items straight into the washing machine, after removing chunks to minimise the spread and wash at high temperatures 60ºC or higher.
  9. Pray to whatever higher power you believe in that it doesn’t spread to baby or yourself!

Good Luck!!!!!!!!!

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