Baby shopping list – If I knew then what I knew now what not to buy

I’m currently in the midst of clearing out lots of Logan and Izzie’s baby things as they are both growing up fast and we don’t plan on having any more children. Its been emotional sorting through all the tiny baby clothes (Logan actually did need tiny baby whereas Izzie was too big for newborn), but it also got me thinking about what I would do differently with hindsight.

What would we not buy?

Tommee Tippee Complete Feeding Set

There was nothing wrong with this set as such but I planned to breastfeed and we bought this ‘just in case’, as it turned out we used a little formula for Logan before I got the hang of expressing but a couple of self sterilising bottles or a little microwave steriliser would have made much more sense. Especially as Logan wasn’t a fan of these bottles.

Tip for trying to find a bottle a breastfed baby is willing to take; a lot of companies will send you one bottle to try if you email them rather than spending lots on bottles your baby doesn’t like give it a go.


Mama Designs Mamascarf – Nursing and Breastfeeding Scarf

Again, nothing at all wrong with the product but babies tend not to want to be covered. I’d recommend breastfeeding friendly clothing instead, not necessariliy even specialist. Take a look at Can I breastfeed in it? for some ideas and tips.

Bumbo seat and tray

They don’t get much use – simple.



So many newborn and 0-3/3-6 clothes

Most of the small clothes we bought got very little wear, these items were worn once or twice as people buy small sizes for gifts. Buy less in these sizes and more 6 month plus clothing.

Baby shoes

Lots of cute shoes to go with baby’s outfits. No, they’re a pain to put on, they dont, stay on and they dont need them. Once baby is crawling/pulling to stand and needs some grip or for keeping their feet warm I reccomend either dotty fish or inch blue shoes. They’re soft, non slip, go on easily and stay on well. Because theyre so soft they are also better for foot development.

A big fancy highchair

We bought a big highchair with adjustable recline, adjustable height, lots of padding and two separate parts to the tray for Logan. It took up loads of space,  the food got stuck in the crevices in the padding and when you took the padding off to machine was because it smelled it would take an entire day to dry and render the chair unusable. We binned it and bought an Ikea Antilop like the one above for £15 and an insert for another £7. It has no small crevices to hide food, you can even take the legs off and put it in the dishwasher . They will sit over most dining chairs and they stack (if you need more than one). You can also take off the legs for easy transportation if you’re visiting family or friends.

I’m sure other people will have different opinions, but these are mine and the reasons behind them. Basically buy less and buy smaller or multi purpose if you can as baby stuff takes up so much space!


Sorting piles and piles of baby clothes for the NCT sale last weekend

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