Sing and Sign Classes


This morning I posted this selfie of myself and Isabella all ready to go to our first Sing and Sign class, Logan came too but he said no photo mummy.

We were attending a stage 1 class which is for babies 6 months up, the classes are aimed at helping babies communicate before they gain the verbal skills to do so and helping them to develop language. I know that Isabella will develop language in her own time but I also know from previously working in a special needs school that children get frustrated when they are unable to express their needs and that signing is a great way for them to express their needs if they don’t have the verbal skills to do so. When I worked at this school all staff were lucky enough to be trained how to sign Makaton and I used some of these signs with Logan when he was learning to talk, the classes are a lovely sociable way of babies learning to sign.

Today at our first class the signs we covered were eat, drink, more, finished, please, sorry, sad, happy, cry, milk, biscuit, sweets, baby, animals, pig, duck, cat, horse, hello, goodbye, home, mummy and daddy (there were probably more, but; mum brain) all of these signs were incorporated into songs and the babies were kept engaged through songs, music, instruments and props. Isabella, smiled, giggled and flapped her hands throughout. Logan not so much, but he enjoyed Old McDonald had a farm and playing the musical instruments and then played with his car and colouring book.

We are enrolled for the term with sing and sign Leicester and I will update here regarding our progress at the classes, but this also ties in with something that was shared on my facebook today. A number of people are petitioning for Makaton to be added to the Early Years Curriculum and I think this would be so beneficial to all students during their early education and beyond. For example my signing is basic and Makaton differs from BSL but there are enough similarities to allow basic communication with a deaf or non verbal person.

For more information on Makaton or to sign the petition follow this link:

Petition Make Makaton a compulsory part of Early Years and Primary Education in the UK.



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