Potty training progress and cloth training pants review

A while back I posted about potty training with Logan. All was going great, we were nearly there and after a tummy bug lasting over two weeks we were right back to square one, if not worse to be honest. We are slowly getting to the point where Logan is willing to sit on the potty and toilet again and I’ve been asked a few times about cloth pull ups so I thought I’d update the post to include another brand of pull ups we have tried.


Ateid Cotton Potty Training Pants come in a variety of cute prints and different sizes, in my opinion they are quite generously sized. Logan wears age 3-4 trousers yet 18-24 months in these are a lovely fit. They wash well and dry quickly (overnight on a radiator), but they aren’t very absorbent. They’ll hold a little trickle but definitely not a full wee, your child’s trousers will need changing if they do a full wee, but their shoes will stay dry.

A definite pro is that they feel just like regular pants and he feels wet if he’s done a wee they’re also really easy to pull up and down. I basically use these at home as Logan is so close to being trained but sometimes gets distracted and starts to wee before stopping himself. These are the cheapest ones we tried. 

Bambino Mio Potty Training Pants are very similar to the Ateid pants in terms of absorbency and ease of use. They’re a little pricier but I guess thats because they’re a better known brand. There really isn’t much in it though. Again we found these generous in size

We found the Bambino mio and ateid pants very similar in fit absorbency and ease of use. They’re a little pricier but I guess thats because they’re a better known brand. There really isn’t much in it though. Again we found these generous in size.

GroVia My Choice Trainer

The Grovia trainer pants are much more absorbent than either the Ateid or Bambino Mio training pants as a result of an absorbent layer made from a cotton hemp mix. Like the previous training pants they allow the child to feel wet if they have an accident, but they also have a waterproof cover which prevents clothing becoming wet.

As well as having more absorbency built in these training pants have the added advantage of a pocket which can take a small insert to increase absorbency. These must be small, as the pocket isn’t very wide, I have used the bamboo inserts from pocket nappies we already had.

The side panels are interchangeable to mix and match colours, the poppers also allow these pants to be changed like a nappy if your child has an accident, saving having to get them undressed or even worse having to try to pull poo filled pants off without getting it everywhere. Logan finds these harder to get up and down than the other pants. These are more expensive, but poppers allow fit to be adjusted so they will fit for longer. Of all the pants these take the longest to dry (but this is because the hemp is super absorbent). I tend to send these to preschool as its a straight pants change rather than needing to swap inserts.

IMG_7751Bumgenius flip trainer pants

The flip trainer pants; these are like a pant/nappy hybrid they are effectively 3 pairs in 1 and great for a child starting to potty train rather than disposable pull ups.

Each set comes with a waterproof cover and 3 inserts; if your child has an accident you just take out the insert and replace with a dry one.  Again your child can feel the wetness and as with the grovia trainer pants the sides popper on and off for ease of changes when accidents happen and poppers to adjust the size. These are stretchier than the grovia pants so Logan can pull them up and down more easily.

I take a spare pair out with me when using these in case of a poo accident but being able to just stick one spare and some inserts for several changes is really handy (as is being able to add extra boosting for car journeys). You can use any bumgenius flip insert with these so if you used their nappies they’re a great choice as you’ll already have extra inserts.

IMG_7750Ecopipo trainer pants

Ecopipo trainer pants; have snaps on the front to adjust the rise and on the sides to adjust the waist and fit from 10kg to 25kg.

The snaps do not need to be undone to pull them down, but allow easy removal and changes during accidents. The outer layer is made of PUL so accidents won’t leak through unless the pad is saturated just like a nappy. Each pair of pants has an attachable absorbent pad made of microfiber and covered with cotton velour to be next to your baby’s skin. You replace only the pad in case of an accident but with big wee’s the mesh may also get wet and require a full change. I do the same with these as the flip training pants when we go out, a spare pair plus inserts.  The inserts for these dry faster than the flips, but the shell is more likely to need washing after a wee than with the flips.

Would I recommend one particular type over another, no; it depends on the situation. But I’d definitely recommend the grovia, flip trainers and ecopipo for out and about rather than having to carry lots of spare clothes. I would especially recommend these if you used cloth nappies as I feel using disposable pull ups initially set Logan back (see Potty Training round 1) or if you will be training more than one child as using them for two or more children instead of disposable pull ups will definitely save you money in the long run. 


I love using the other training pants at home as they avoid puddles everywhere which would be a nightmare with a crawling baby and two dogs, but if this wasn’t a concern regular pants would do.

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