Potty Training Round 3

So potty training at home is almost cracked, Logan is doing really well and having hardly any accidents. He’s going to the potty himself most of the time  and pulls his own pants down and up (sometimes they end up looking like a thong, but he’s still new to this). I’m only having to remind him to go every couple of hours if he’s not been and he’s proudly telling me he has dry pants and I’m managing to get the potty to a safe location before the dog manages to help himself to a s****y snack. But so far we have mainly stayed at home; in just pants and a top (Logan not me); its time to go out into the big wide world and wear trousers!!!!!!

Day 1 in trousers was a photoshoot. Instead of reaching for a disposable pull up I put Logan into one of the cloth ones. The benefit of these training pants is that they allow children to feel wet if they have had an accident, but unless they do all of their wee’s in them like they would before training they stop the trousers from getting wet. Other benefits to the ones I have chosen is that if your child does have an accident they can be undone at the sides and a fresh one put on like a nappy rather than having to do a full body change or poo being smeared down their legs. Logan went to the toilet before the hour and a half shoot and straight after; on an unfamiliar toilet with mummy holding him to stop his bum falling through. He was amazingly dry when we got home despite falling asleep during the journey. He was dry all day!

Day 2 in trousers; we were going to a friends house for a fundraising coffee morning (or tea and cake in my case). The entire time we were out Logan was dry, this was made easier by the downstairs toilet with toddler seat, but I thought he did amazingly well with all of the other children and cake to distract him. That day he had one accident (whilst having a tantrum).

Day 3; mummy had been up all night with pukey Izzie so I must admit to not being the most attentive mother that morning. PJ’s all round and Logan was great, no arguments about using the potty and no clean ups for mummy. That afternoon we were heading to view the shoot photos with Grandma so we dragged ourselves into clothes and off we went. Again we did the toddler dangle over the studio toilet and Logan produced the goods with his first public poo. Unfortunately we had the journey from hell on our return stuck in traffic and roadworks, our 30-40 minute journey became 2 and a half hours. Thankfully both children napped, but I expected wet pants. When we got home I got the shock of my life to discover they were dry!

Several days on and we aren’t quite there, most days are dry (and clean). We occasionally get one accident (generally coinciding with a tantrum or dinner) but things are moving in the right direction. I’m really proud of our little guy and definitely think the cloth training pants are a worthwhile investment for anyone lacking the confidence to push forward with potty training.



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