Easter with Logan and Izzie

So for Logan and Izzie’s first Easter together I had visions of the cute pictures I could take of them together in their new outfits wearing their bunny ears. In reality I got two children who wouldn’t wear their ears at the same time and a baby trying to steal the toddlers Easter Eggs. Having said that despite the miserable rainy weather it was my best Easter ever.

Our morning started with Logan hunting for the handful of small hollow Easter Eggs Daddy had hidden in the living room and putting the into his and Izzie’s Easter buckets (without any prompting to share with his sister), we then gave Logan the first Easter Egg we’ve ever bought for him (I’m a mean mummy) and we dressed them in their new outfits Daddy bought for them. I made Daddy dress Izzie as he had chosen a dress and dresses require tights. Trying to put tights on babies is torture and we both avoid it wherever possible.

After breakfast we looked through our Easter Books I thought these made a great chocolate alternative gift for Izzie, but in reality both children enjoyed it with the lovely rhyming and counting books and I think we’ll be doing a little Easter package for both children each year rather than tons of chocolate. This isn’t to say we’ll be spoiling them every year, they can have the same buckets, bunny ears and the easter books can come out each year. But we’ll probably add some Easter craft supplies and get them a nice new outfit each.

We spent the weekend spending some time with the children parents and had a lovely Sunday Roast in the evening. So despite the awful weather we’ve had a great weekend.

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