Potty Training Round 2

Book pictured is Boys’ Potty Time (Dk)

Anyone having read my previous post about potty training will know my initial relaxed, follow Logan’s lead approach didn’t go so well. So after some time to get organised and get over a super clingy phase with Izzie it was time to implement plan B and round 2 commenced.

If you have used cloth nappies you will know that one of the benefits of using them is that your child can actually feel when they are wet as opposed to disposables where they have to be absolutely saturated to actually be aware that they need changing. Unfortunately changing from cloth to a disposable pull up means they don’t feel this wetness and I think this is one of the reasons for the regression we experienced with plan A, so this time I’ve invested in some cloth pull ups. Different types have their pro’s and their cons but thats a whole other post.

Logan is now wearing pants at home and a cloth pull up when we go out, this means he can always feel when he is wet, but that I don’t have to carry a million spare pairs of trousers, socks, shoes and risk the carseat each time we leave the house as well as carry all of the baby stuff Izzie needs.

We started Logan choosing big boy pants (no trousers) and me asking Logan to go on the potty every 15 minutes, I set a timer so I would remember as half the time I don’t even remember to drink my morning cup of tea before it goes cold (or the second after I make a fresh one). Simon thought I was nuts for doing it so often; and every time I checked Logans pants and they were dry we did a little song ‘dry pants, dry pants, yay yay yay’ and dance. Logan then went on the potty and was given a ‘wee wee treat’ every time he went on the potty; if he was wet he was gently reminded ‘wee wee on potty not pants’. He had one accident all day! Day 2 we upped the interval to half an hour (again just one accident) then Day 3, 45 minutes (one again). Day 4 we had to head out so it was time for round 3 – potty training in trousers!


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