Potty Training Round 1

Potty training. A milestone parents look forward to and dread in equal measures; we are there with Logan. In fact we have been there for a while but I really haven’t been as committed as I should have been.

Logan has been showing signs of readiness for months now, we were previously using cloth nappies which he couldn’t pull up and down himself so we switched to pull ups as I wasn’t brave enough to deal with the mess of going straight to pants and a needy new baby. I made this decision after briefly trying naked time and trying to deal with a screaming baby, wee’s on the sofa, on the play kitchen, in Izzie’s bouncy chair, Logan running through the kitchen penis in hand spraying wee everywhere whilst shouting ‘mummy wee wee’ and our dog Red trying to eat the poo from in the potty before I could get to it. Anyone who has been through it knows that trying to decide whether to help your toddler wipe his bum before he smears poo around your house or stop your dog from eating the steaming heap your child has just curled out is an impossible choice.

Logan was happy enough to go on the potty and usually pooed on there when he needed to go and would sometimes wee, but he didn’t often ask to go. Unfortunately he started to regress and was going on the potty less and less. Plan A of relaxed potty training and taking Logans lead was not working, so I tried to come up with plan B.


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