The road to here

Thanks for joining me as I type this by the light of the Mac, Logan is soundly asleep and Izzie is drifting off in my arms for the third time. I’ve tried to put her down twice unsuccessfully now.

This is my blog of a different journey than the one I intended. Before having Logan two and a half years ago I had intended to return to my job as a Secondary Science Teacher Full Time just three months after having him. I didn’t return until he was 9 months old and three months later I fell pregnant with Isabella, as a result of the pressures of work, parenthood and a harder pregnancy I didn’t return to the voluntary role which was my hobby for around 15 years as I no longer had the time or the energy to give.

Fast forward to now; Logan is 2.5 and Isabella 7 months. The 28th February was officially my last ‘working’ day and my last months maternity pay is due any time now. I am now a stay at home mum, someone I never thought I would be. It somehow feels very different to being on maternity leave despite life not actually changing. I guess I’m feeling a little lost, like I’ve lost my identity and become mummy despite the fact that I’ve been a mother for years now.

So this is my new journey, I share it with two beautiful children and my husband as I try to find out who I am now.

Have you ever struggled with losing your identity? How did you get back to knowing who you are? Or are you still struggling to find out?


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