Sing and Sign Classes

This morning I posted this selfie of myself and Isabella all ready to go to our first Sing and Sign class, Logan came too but he said no photo mummy. We were attending a stage 1 class which is for babies 6 months up, the classes are aimed at helping babies communicate before they gain... Continue Reading →

Potty Training Round 3

So potty training at home is almost cracked, Logan is doing really well and having hardly any accidents. He's going to the potty himself most of the time  and pulls his own pants down and up (sometimes they end up looking like a thong, but he's still new to this). I'm only having to remind... Continue Reading →

Easter with Logan and Izzie

So for Logan and Izzie's first Easter together I had visions of the cute pictures I could take of them together in their new outfits wearing their bunny ears. In reality I got two children who wouldn't wear their ears at the same time and a baby trying to steal the toddlers Easter Eggs. Having... Continue Reading →

Potty Training Round 2

Anyone having read my previous post about potty training will know my initial relaxed, follow Logan's lead approach didn't go so well. So after some time to get organised and get over a super clingy phase with Izzie it was time to implement plan B and round 2 commenced. If you have used cloth nappies... Continue Reading →

Potty Training Round 1

Potty training. A milestone parents look forward to and dread in equal measures; we are there with Logan. In fact we have been there for a while but I really haven't been as committed as I should have been. Logan has been showing signs of readiness for months now, we were previously using cloth nappies... Continue Reading →

The road to here

Thanks for joining me as I type this by the light of the Mac, Logan is soundly asleep and Izzie is drifting off in my arms for the third time. I've tried to put her down twice unsuccessfully now. This is my blog of a different journey than the one I intended. Before having Logan... Continue Reading →

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