Strawberry picking at Cattows Farm

In our house we love Strawberries, in fact with a vocabulary of 5 words Izzie had already had our first argument over whether the Strawberries were finished or she was having more. It went something like this; Izzie finished her Strawberries and shouted "more", I said "no, Strawberries are finished", Izzie tried to steal the... Continue Reading →

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Potty training progress and cloth pull ups review

Life with Logan and Izzie

A while back I posted about potty training with Logan. All was going great, we were nearly there and after a tummy bug lasting over two weeks we were right back to square one, if not worse to be honest. We are slowly getting to the point where Logan is willing to sit on the potty and toilet again and I’ve been asked a few times about cloth pull ups so I thought I’d update the post to include another brand of pull ups we have tried.

Ateid Cotton Potty Training Pants come in a variety of cute prints and different sizes, in my opinion they are quite generously sized. Logan wears age 3-4 trousers yet 18-24 months in these are a lovely fit. They wash well and dry quickly (overnight on a radiator), but they aren’t very absorbent. They’ll hold a little trickle but definitely not a full…

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Attempting to embrace a Dairy Free lifestyle (as a cheese lover)

Since attempting to go dairy free I’ve been trying to make sensible changes rather than just buy dairy free alternatives. Partly because they’re so much more expensive, but secondly because they taste a bit crap so I’d rather eat something that wasn’t intended to include dairy in the first place. One change I’ve tried to... Continue Reading →

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